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Hi, I'm Hitesh! A passionate furniture designer. Join our regular workshops to learn woodworking!

Design & Build

Unleashing Creativity through Woodworking

Welcome to "Design & Build," an immersive woodworking workshop where participants get to explore their creativity, learn design principles, problem-solving techniques, and unleash their woodworking skills to bring their visions to life.


Day 1 at D&B.

Introduction to woodworking fundamentals, Learn design principles & problem solving, Explore design thinking: form & function, Material Selection, Create personalized blueprint, Embark on a creative journey!


Day 2 at D&B.

Transform raw materials into a functional piece, Hands-on guidance in woodworking tools, Learn joinery techniques, Craft, assemble, and refine components, Watch your design come to life!

  • Do participants need to bring any materials for the workshop?
    Only some basic items: Notebook, Pen, Pencil, Eraser and a Scale. Also, please wear Shoes for your safety.
  • Is there a prerequisite for participation? For example, is prior knowledge of woodworking basics required?
    No prior experience or knowledge is required. The workshop is for beginners and the team will guide you with anything you need.
  • Are participants limited to making desk organizers, or can we create other items during the workshop?
    To maintain consistency, participants are provided with a topic or brief to guide their problem-solving and design skills. Nevertheless, they are granted the freedom to tailor the desk organizers according to their preferences with the materials provided. Given that this is a beginners' course, crafting a smaller object is recommended as it is less daunting and covers all the fundamental woodworking skills necessary.
  • Can I create wooden furniture after completing the workshop?
    Producing larger items requires a comprehensive understanding of ergonomics, anthropometry, and design intricacies. It will be challenging for beginners. Nonetheless, upon completion of the workshop, participants will depart with a solid understanding of wood properties, cutting techniques, joinery methods, and proficiency with standard woodworking tools.
  • Is the workshop suitable for children? What age groups can participate?
    The workshop is not ideal for kids because the tools are dangerous when used incorrectly. Anyone above the age of 18 is welcome to join.
Design & Build : Cat House edition!
Design & Build : Cat House edition!
09 Mar 2024, 12:00 pm
For your furry friends.

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meet The Team.

Designer & Woodworker

Hitesh Devra


Industrial Designer & Artist

Ashwini Muralikumar

The Woodwala team consists of designers, artists, and passionate people who love to teach!

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